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Wat betekent het als technologie gemaakt wordt door een niet diverse groep? Marion Mulders vertelt over waarom het zo belangrijk is dat er meer diversiteit in de technologie sector komt.

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Waarom zijn vrouwen niet geinteresseerd in een baan in de Tech? Of is er meer aan de hand? In deze trailer vertelt Helen Kardan over haar eerste interesse in Tech.

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IntroductieBeyond the Binary
00:00 / 02:28
Effecten in TechnologyBeyond the Binary
00:00 / 03:01
Tech, Moeilijk en Saai?Beyond the Binary
00:00 / 03:16
(On)GezienBeyond the Binary
00:00 / 03:13

Hoe ervaren vrouwen om te werken in een door mannen gedomineerde werkvloer? Chantal Schinkels, zelf werkzaam in e-commerce, schreef er een boek over.
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Welke verwachtingen zijn er over hoe thuis de rollen verdeeld zijn en beinvloeden die de werk-prive balans? Hans van der Meer vertelt over zijn ervaring toen hij samen met zijn vrouw kinderen kreeg .
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Anke Horstman richtte op waarmee ze vrouwen leert dat tech helemaal niet moeilijk of saai hoeft te zijn. Hoewel op de werkvloer vrouwen in de minderheid zijn, zijn er eel initiatieven om vrouwen met elkaar en met technologie te verbinden.
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Thuis en WerkBeyond the Binary
00:00 / 03:20
RolmodellenBeyond the Binary
00:00 / 03:44


Underneath you can find a preview of each episode! When the full episode is launched they will be uploaded on the website or can be found at Soundcloud.



There are many articles, researches, initiatives, projects, etc. that are discussing digital technologies in relation to social equalities. While the podcast gives a broad view about the relation between women and technology, Beyond the Binary also shares a monthly curated syllabus for people who want to learn more about technology and (in)equalities (like gender, race, age, class and dis/ability).

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Oktober 2021


Other Initiatives

TechGirl is a website with diverse articles about tech. Focusing also on the usability of tech instead of solely the 'specs', tech girl makes tech more understandable and accesible.


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In the past decades digital technologies have become an unmissable part of our everyday life. We wake up to the alarm on our phone, follow the news on with different applications and even stream graduation presentations online. But while technology became so engrained in our lives, it is surprising that the development of tech is largely done by a homogenous group of people.
According to the Gender Gap report of 2020, only 3 out of 20 workers in tech are women. And this is not only the case in the Netherlands, in most countries the number of women working in tech does not reach higher than about 30%.

Beyond the Binary is a platform that discusses the relation between technology and (in)equalities. The project started as a podcast that discusses the gender gap and the relation between women and technology. Exploring what our understanding of what technology is – like innovative, fast, mathematical, rational – and what femininity is, and how these understandings create a gender gap in digital technology professions and lead to malfunctioning digital technologies. 


Emma Schep
Researcher and storyteller. Graduated at MA Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven and currently finishing MA Gender studies at Utrecht University.


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